ANDS launches a wide range of products at Beirut Duty-Free

ANDS launches a wide range of products at Beirut Duty-Free
Beirut, Lebanon August 2, 2022: ANDS, a leading company in the electronic nicotine delivery solutions
and heated tobacco technology has partnered with PAC – DUTY-FREE S.A.L. to launch alternative
nicotine solutions, offering passengers a wide range of potentially less harmful products.
Aligned with the global vision to reach all regulated markets in the coming five years, ANDS is working
towards launching the latest technology for vaping products in Lebanon. The range of products available
at Beirut Duty-Free includes ANDS SEEK, ANDS ZING, Ignite & AirBar amongst others.
Fadi Maayta, Co-Founder and President, of ANDS, said: “We aim to reach out to 140 million adult smokers
across the MEA region and our partnership with PAC – DUTY-FREE S.A.L. will further support teaching
out to more adult smokers to offer them scientifically-backed products that have the potential to
reduce risks, compared with conventional cigarettes.”
ANDS has a strong commercial and operational presence across the region and will leverage its
extensive knowledge of the local markets to provide alternative nicotine delivery systems amongst the
targeted adult smokers.
ANDS believes that it is crucial to protect vulnerable groups like minors, ex-smokers, and non-smokers
from being exposed to nicotine products, or any mis-leading marketing practices of these products.

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