WES Press Release_”Help save a drop” video released by the WES project

The new “Help save a drop” video was just released by the EU-funded WES project. The video provides key information on water, related scarcity issues and introduces approaches to conserve and protect this vital natural resource. 

Through the video, viewers are introduced to the concepts of Water Demand Management and Non-Revenue Water, which are key to improving water efficiency in the South Mediterranean region, and are among the issues tackled through the WES project activities. The video also provides tips on simple things we can all do to save water, encouraging everyone to make small, meaningful changes to safeguard water and our planet.

This video was developed in close cooperation with leading technical experts in the field and is the first of a series of videos on water and environmental protection issues that will be produced under the WES project.  

The video is available in English through the following link and “Help save a drop”: https://www.wes-med.eu/library/videos/; subtitled versions of the video in French and Arabic can also be accessed through the WES YouTube channel.

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